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TLC, C-U's #1 Most Trusted Termite Specialists!

Does termite damage worry you? Do you suspect termites in your home?

Read up on the warning signs and see images here

Termite Treatment

 Termites cause over $5 billion dollars of damage to home owners each year! TLC's termite specialists come to the rescue if you suspect termites in your home or workplace. Exclusivley using Termidor®, America's #1 Termite Defense Product, the TLC team will get the job done with precision and accuracy. TLC strictly follows all label instructions, requirements, and regulations.

Our treatment uses time-tested and safe application methods, without disrupting your family's routine!

After initial treatment, annual inspections are recommended to keep your home protected. Call TLC to ensure you're home stays termite free! 

*Don't let termites invade your home! TLC provides free inspections. Preventative treatments are available upon customer request.

Termite Pre-Treatments

Protect your home before it's built with TLC's Liquid Soil Treatment. The best way to protect against the damaging effects of termites is to treat before construction is finished.  Pre-Construction Preventive Treatment includes liquid application to soil as well as under concrete slabs before they are poured. TLC exclusively uses Termidor for all termite treatments. 

WDI Inspections & Reports

Buying or selling a house? When a WDI Inspection & Report is required, TLC can supply you with the proper documentation for the sale or purchase of your property.


*TLC uses a NPMA-33 report, good for FHA, VA, and all other loan types. 

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TLC's licensed professionals know how to

effectively inspect and treat termites 

in your home or workplace.

Call TLC for termite concerns and control.


the most safe and effective insecticide for your family & pets!

TLC proudly uses

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